Talk to me about Bar Español?

Concept no 7 in our series of ever changing POP UP restaurants… we’re deep in the back streets of Madrid at Bar Español. After years of operating a restaurant in Iberia, this theme is in our heart. It’s all about TAPAS- VINO- CERVEZA- SANGRIA.

So what is the POP UP story? 

After opening a Fins in Portugal, Steven and Morgan decided to bring Portugal home to Kingslciff and transformed their bar into a dining space. Pequena Portuguese Eating House was born and the seed was sown. Then came the extremely popular Izakaya Japanese Street Food, which ‘popped up’ for over a year, with a menu co-designed with our Japanese staff. Next came the Greek Kitchen, born after a tour of the kitchens of the Greek Isles (with sandy feet and sun tanned skin).  

Fins is the seafood legend, so next we transformed the bar into all things earthly with The Butcher's BBQ. After this, we went foraging in our ‘great backyard’ at The Local; A celebration of our abundant local produce and artisan suppliers. Summer 2017 we went for the RAW BAR; a place of crisp summer sips and chilled ocean delights.

Welcome now to Bar Español